My post this evening is one of a personal nature, so for those of you who know me, here it goes, almost full disclosure! As many of you know, I am a wife, mother and Registered Nurse.  And just like billions of other individuals,  with the new year I set out on some personal lifestyle goals:

  1. More quality time with my family by having work / life balance
  2. Loose weight and tone up
  3. Become more financially fit

All of these goals are very much intertwined for me.  One affects the other in a continuous cycle of what is often portrayed as stress.  Stress, as we all know, isn’t going to help me achieve any one of these goals.  So I started thinking recently about why these goals are so important to me aside from the obvious.  I’ve been digging a little deeper and soul-searching for what is the true driver behind these goals.

As a nurse, I spend a great deal of my time giving to others.  I am in nursing leadership, so while I may not be taking a patient assignment, I spend 5 days a week 8-12 hours a day focused on making sure our patients receive great care and our team is supported.  I spend many hours visiting with patients to hear their praises and concerns.  I spend hours listening to the challenges the staff have this time of year but also how fortunate they feel to be a part of such a great team.  I spend hours making sure that staff are paid correctly, service issues are handled, new staff are onboarded, feedback is given and most importantly helping any member of the team do what they need to do if they have a personal family issue.   As a result, every day I kiss my husband goodbye and drop off my children at school around 7 and often do not see them again until close to 6, every day.  Nurses, inherently do this.  We put the needs of others before ourselves because people come to us in their most acute time of need.

So as I try to find the work life balance, where does the me time come into play?  I can’t achieve this second goal without some time to care for myself.  As nurses Do we not teach this to our customers all the time.  How many times have you said, “You aren’t going to be any good to your (mother, father, sister, brother, child, friend) if you don’t get some rest and take care of yourself.  But then I realize, how can I ask others to do this if I don’t do this for myself??  The goal to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle is certainly important to me for my own self confidence, however I have come to the realization that it is also vital to my role as a wife, mother and nurse.  How can I ask others to change their lifestyle in order to stay healthy and out of the hospital, if I have room for improvement myself.  How can I be a better role model in my personal and professional life?

I have been reading a great deal about financial fitness recently.  In order for my family to reach our long-term goals, this will take planning and time to dedicate to the plan.  Success in my career will help us with this endeavor.  Therefore, I work harder so as to secure this success and then there goes the cycle.  Work hard, spend lots of time, stress, be only half present with my family, feel exhausted, stress eat and blow off exercise.

Well, the buck stops here!

As the cliché goes, there are never enough hours in the day.  Is this the case, or am I just not managing it well.    I need to work smarter.  I need to realize what aspects of my life are time suckers and put strict limits on them.  These goals are so important to me because as a wife, mother, and nurse I want to be the example of what healthy is.  Every day we see case after case  of sickness, tragedy and loss.  We hold hands, lend an ear and often cry with and/or for the people we serve.  We see a lot of good as well, as a result of the phenomenal care we provide.  What I realize though is that I need to budget that energy.  I need to keep focus on my goals because achieving them will allow me the personal satisfaction of touching other’s lives because I am strong and confident in my own life.  All this while keeping the most important people, my family, first and foremost.

So tonight (right after I finish writing and creating an infographic to go with this post!!) I’m going to play a board game with my family and then hopefully catch a little Netflix with the hubby (if we can stay awake!  😊).

Thank you for listening!  Do you have goals for 2017?  What is the driver behind your goals?  Please comment below!